• Complimentary Informational Phone Call

The complimentary session is designed to ask questions and get to know your orofacial myofunctional specialist. A comprehensive assessment is necessary to determine what treatment is needed.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

Assessments are available for children at least 6 years old, teens and adults.  An in depth 60-90 minute evaluation of orofacial dysfunction, health history, compensations, functionality is utilized to create a customized plan for therapy.

  • Comprehensive Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Program

In-person and virtual sessions are available.  Designed as a foundational program to achieve the four goals: nasal breathing, proper tongue posture, lip seal, and proper chewing patterns. The foundational program is composed of three phases to complete therapy: intensive phase, habituation phase, and retention phase. 

This may also include before and after tongue or lip tie release exercises.  Preparation is necessary to prevent reattachment of the tissue. Continued therapy is recommended to retrain the tongue. Although orofacial myofunctional therapy is not physical therapy, it is similar to having a surgery and needing physical therapy afterwards.

  • Habit Elimination

A program designed to help stop thumb/finger sucking or nail-biting. Sometimes taking the parent out of the equation and working with a professional does the trick.

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